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Now is the time to encourage kid's creativity.

November 15, 2021 3 min read

Now is the time to encourage kid's creativity.

When the average person thinks of ‘creativity’, they typically think of a famous artist or a somewhat frivolous activity that’s done during downtime. But creativity shouldn't be limited to a select few people - creativity is essential and should be for everyone,especially our kids.

Why creativity is important

As society shifts towards more automation, robotics and screen-based functionality there’s less emphasis on creative-thinking, craftsmanship and manual labour. Yet, these all have their place and as we face greater global challenges we’ll need our future leaders to be innovators and problem-solvers.

As parents, we have the opportunity to inspire our children’s ability to problem-solve creatively. When you’re raising kids with a creative mindset you’re enabling them to take risks and, with risk, comes failure. This prepares them for life’s challenges and equips them with the skills to handle failure and the resilience to try again.

Nurturing creativity

There is no secret formula for raising a creative, independent thinker. The simplest way is to encourage our little ones to stay creative and for us to embrace their whimsical and wayward ideas. Bringing something to life with your hands is special and cultivating this creativity in your child helps them to develop mentally, socially and emotionally. Some other ways kids benefit from creativity include:

  • Increased confidence – the ability to make something themselves
  • Self-expression – an opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas
  • Stress-relief – the chance to relax calms behaviour
  • Freedom – a moment to experiment, make mistakes and play!

So whether you choose colour-in pictures, paper craft, model-making or baking, every hands-on activity exercises the child’s imagination, patience and perseverance which is advantageous to their overall wellbeing. You’ll see this reflected in their level of interest too. However, the same cannot be said for most screen-based activities.

Screen time stifles kid’s creativity

While technology has simplified our lives in many ways, it’s also hindered our kid’s creative abilities. There’s a certain magic in making something with your hands which just can’t be replicated through digital media. For instance, when a child paints a picture they proudly show Mum, Dad, Nanna or their teacher. It’s put on display for all to admire and gives the child a sense of achievement. Kids can’t experience that same level of recognition and reward through digital means. There’s little personal attachment with anything that’s screen-based.

Creative play the easy way

I’ve been creating with my kids for a few years now and I’m convinced this one-on-one time has strengthened our bond and their ability to think creatively. But even for someone like me, a qualified designer, the river of inspiration can sometimes run low and this is what motivated me to create Little Change Creators. As a busy mum, I know how hard it can be to come up with new ideas every day so I’ve made life easier for you and me. Little Change Creators’ fun activities offer endless creativity and repeat-play value with doodling, games, colouring, craft and drawing activities available whenever you need to keep them busy.

Make a difference

Hands-on crafts and creative activities are meaningful ways to connect as a family. Sitting at the kitchen table cutting, gluing, taping and painting together is what I’d always imagined doing with my kids. That look of pure joy when your child has finished their masterpiece – that’s what makes it so worthwhile and that’s the moment they’ll cherish forever. I know this because it’s what I remember most about my mum.

So, the more creativity we cultivate, the more we’ll all benefit personally and as a society. The rewards creativity offers can be life-changing and we, as parents, must realise that our kids will need creativity more than any other skill to successfully navigate an increasingly-complex world.

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