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Because a little change can make a big difference


I'm so glad you've joined me! I've got a feeling we share the same values...

Our little ones are so impressionable right now - and here we are living in a world of screens and devices, surrounded by plastic consumables bound for landfill. Surely we can do better by our kids and our planet!

But there’s a greater purpose behind my brand: to shine a light on kids who are often forgotten.

These are the unsung little heroes who have seriously ill or disabled siblings, kids who act as carers for their parents, kids who live in crisis centres, orphans… the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could give these kids a touch of joy in their lives, a mindful escape from their everyday reality, a chance to be recognised?

This is a cause close to my heart because my childhood was less than normal - I was the child of a single mum, with a quadriplegic brother. Whilst my mum was devoted and generous, she faced great difficulty in trying to balance the needs of each child with the necessities of my severely disabled brother.

I admire her strength and selflessness, and I’m thankful to have had a great childhood despite its many challenges. But a lot of kids are not so fortunate. Through years of caring for my brother (and later on my Mum) I learnt important lifelong lessons: compassion, gratitude and the beauty of an altruistic life. Now I want to instil the love of giving in our children, and leave the world a better place.

This is what lights me up – this is my why. I want Little Change Creators to help shape little changes for greater good - in children, in parents, and for other families in need.

I invite you to read on! Find out how together we have the ability to create genuine change.

- Paige

More than just playthings

Creating change for parents

Mums and dads: I hear you! You need portable, mess-free products that give you a conscious alternative to screen-based play. I first designed play kits to preserve my own sanity when entertaining my kids on the go – from cafés to international flights. And when they’re quiet and content, we can enjoy a guilt-free break too. Our products empower parents to guide playtime with good intention - no matter where you are.

Creating change for kids

It all starts with a holistic approach to childhood – one that fosters creative thinking, nurtures gratitude and rewards kindness. Unplugged kids enjoy mindful interactions with the world around them. We believe the right kind of play lays the foundations for empathy and compassion.

Creating change for the world

Let’s respect our planet and be conscious of what we consume. At Little Change Creators we focus on making our products re-usable, striving for high quality and repeat-play value. As parents we can instil the value of sustainability through the mindful choice of products we give our kids.

Creating change for others – our social impact project

Our impact can be longer lasting and further reaching. We want to help close the gap for disadvantaged and vulnerable children who have limited access to things that we take for granted. That’s why we’re developing an initiative to give our products to deserving kids every time we reach a Little Change Creator milestone.

But there’s more: we want your child to get a sense of their impact too! So you’ll be able to take them on the journey and show them how their new play set has helped bring joy to another child’s life.

We’ll keep you informed as we develop this initiative – it’s a passion project so we want to get it just right!