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Playful and Planet-Friendly: 2 Australian Brands Creating Sustainable Toys For Kids

July 10, 2023 4 min read

Playful and Planet-Friendly: 2 Australian Brands Creating Sustainable Toys For Kids

Picture this: toys that spark imagination, encourage artistic expression and, wait for it... save the planet at the same time!  How cool is that?  In this article, we're shining a spotlight on two amazing Australian toy brands that totally rock when it comes to creativity and sustainability: Tiger Tribe and Little Change Creators.

Let's take a look at these two bonza businesses…


The Tale of Two Australian Brands: Tiger Tribe and Little Change Creators

Tiger Tribe, has become a favourite among families across the globe seeking affordable, creative and portable activities for their kids.  Like the tiger tribe of the toy world - fierce and full of fun - this Melbourne-based children's brand offers an extensive range of clever designs to captivate the toddler to tween market.  With colourful branding and whimsical designs, it's not hard to see why Tiger Tribe has earned a solid reputation in the global toy market.

On the other hand, Little Change Creators is a relatively new player in the toy industry.  Based in Brisbane, this mum-owned children's brand is dedicated to creating eco-friendly toys and gifts that spark kid's creativity and curiosity. It’s on a mission to make a difference in the world of sustainability and social impact through planet-friendly product design and pay-it-forward initiatives.

Both these Australian brands represent a promising future for sustainable toys globally.  So, let's explore the stories behind Tiger Tribe and Little Change Creators and support these local Aussie businesses and their amazing products.

 Tiger Tribe Neon Colouring Set

The Tiger Tribe Brand Story: From Humble Beginnings to Iconic Toy Brand

Established in 2007, Tiger Tribe is an iconic Australian children's brand that works hard to design products that nurture confidence and creativity in kids.  As a beacon of creativity and innovation in the realm of children's toys, Tiger Tribe has carved out an impressive niche. This Australian brand is renowned for its diverse range of products that not only entertain but also educate young minds.


Unleashing Creativity: Tiger Tribe Colouring Sets

The Tiger Tribe product range includes popular Colouring Sets in a variety of captivating designs, like the Neon Colouring Set - Unicorns and Friends. This self-contained set features 36 pages of the cutest creatures you'll find in a colouring book, plus neon markers, and stickers that are perfect for kids aged five and up. Each product is meticulously crafted to inspire creativity while meeting international safety standards.


Sustainability: The Journey Towards A Planet-Friendly Future

Tiger Tribe, the iconic Australian brand, is not just about fun and creativity. It also has a soft spot for our planet. For several years, it’s been working hard to become an environmentally-conscious children's brand.

With its commitment to sustainability, Tiger Tribe goes the extra mile. It uses recycled paper for packaging, is working to reduce plastic use and has introduced bioplastic toys for toddlers.

Parents who care about the environment love Tiger Tribe as it supports a variety of environmental and community organisations, including the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.


Little Change Creators Reusable Colouring Set 

Little Change Creators: Redefining Reusables

In the world of sustainable children's brands, another noteworthy Australian brand is Little Change Creators.  This imaginative business stands out from the rest with its one-of-a-kind strategy to sustainability and social impact. It’s not just adding flair to everyday family life but is also working hard towards creating a brighter future for our planet.


Making a Difference with Little Change Creators

Little Change Creators is making waves in the industry by offering eco-friendly alternatives for children's toys and gifts.  Its reusable products, like the popular Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Sets, are designed to be both fun and functional while promoting positive change among young users.  These multi-purpose sets are machine-washable and can be used for colouring, drawing, making, baking and more.


Comparing Sustainability Efforts

Tiger Tribe, with its commitment to reducing environmental impact through responsible manufacturing practices, is setting the bar high.  And Little Change Creators?  It’s known for its ingenuity when it comes to creating eco-friendly products that are both fun and functional.

But what brings these two brands together is their shared dedication to sustainability and creativity. They get that it's not just about making toys; it's about nurturing confidence in kids while taking care of our planet.


Fostering Creativity - A Common Goal

Both Tiger Tribe and Little Change Creators share a common goal: nurturing creativity in children. They design their products with this objective in mind, helping kids build confidence.  Whether it's the imaginative fun of pretend play toys or the fine motor development and mindfulness that come from a Little Change Creators' Mega Pack, creativity takes centre-stage.


The Future of Sustainable Children's Brands

The future looks bright for sustainable play, with toy brands like Tiger Tribe and Little Change Creators leading the way.  These two Australian brands are working hard to ensure that our planet is cared for while still providing fun-filled, creative spaces for kids.

Tiger Tribe offers a range of activity sets and imaginative play products to inspire creative minds.  Meanwhile, Little Change Creators is all about eco-friendly toys and gifts that are both fun and functional.  Both brands do well at reducing kids’ screentime and nurturing confidence and creativity in children.

So, if you're searching for toys that are not only entertaining but also have a positive environmental impact, keep an eye on Tiger Tribe and Little Change Creators.  With their commitment to using eco-friendly materials and reducing plastic waste, these two brands are making waves in the creative toy space!



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