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How to make the most of colour-in fun for kids

November 23, 2021 4 min read

How to make the most of colour-in fun for kids

As technology escalates and modern families gravitate toward screen-based entertainment, simple activities such as colouring in pictures are cast aside for more stimulating options.  But there are so many benefits in colouring and drawing for children (and adults!), which is why Little Change Creators has developed a range of colour-in products to inspire and delight both kids and parents.

Cooler than colouring books

Little Change Creators’ wipe-clean colouring mats encourage and reward even the most reluctant little artists because they are fail-proof and adapt to all skill-levels.  Kids who are insecure about drawing on a blank canvas can simply colour in Little Change Creators’ unique designs.  However, children who are confident with their artistic ability can use the reverse side of the drawing mats to create their own imaginative masterpieces.  There is no end to what can be achieved with Little Change Creators’ colouring sets because they are fully erasable and reusable so all ‘mistakes’ can be wiped clean, again and again.

Colouring in benefits

Providing opportunities for children to engage in colour-in activities has many learning benefits.  Here are just a few;


Colouring is a calming activity that rewards patience and self-control.  It also allows kids to slow down, relax and appreciate a moment.  The act of creating with your hands releases Dopamine, a natural anti-depressant that calms the brain and body.  So colouring activities are almost like meditation for active, young minds!  Helping your child maintain a more relaxed state allows for a fresh mind that’s ready to learn.

Fine Motor Development

The motions involved in colouring helps to strengthen the fine motor muscles in kid’s hands, fingers and wrists.  This enables kids to develop their finger grip which improves their ability to write, use scissors and manipulate small objects.

Hand and Eye Co-ordination

As kids learn to colour within a defined area, their hand and eye co-ordination improves.  In the beginning, kids may find colouring within the lines difficult.  But, as their capability to co-ordinate watching and doing advances, their skill-levels increase and they’ll feel great pride when they achieve their goal of colouring within the lines.

Creativity and Self-expression

Colour-in activities challenge creative thinking and promote independence as kids decide how to colour objects and choose which colours they’ll use.   As a child’s confidence grows, they’ll begin to experiment with colours, patterns, and lines until they have the courage to create their own drawings.  Little Change Creators’ double-sided colouring mats suit the most vivid imaginations with one fully-illustrated side for colouring in and plenty of drawing space on the reverse side.  The drawing side is ideal for exercising creative flair through doodling, word games or handwriting practice.

Colour Recognition

Colouring activities such as Little Change Creators’ colouring sets cultivate colour awareness in a hands-on, engaging way.  With a variety of pen colours available, kids have an opportunity to learn through colour and to experiment with colour combinations.    Little Change Creators’ innovative and reusable colouring kits also allow kids to change the appearance of their pictures by erasing and re-colouring for extended creativity and repeat-play value.


Colouring requires good concentration and, when focusing on one task, a child’s ability to concentrate (and their length of concentration) increases.  You’ll notice as your child’s focus develops, their colouring and drawing skills will improve.  Focus is an important skill for children to learn, not only for their academic careers but for their professional careers as well.  Focus is what helps us see through tasks from start to finish.

Language and Social skills

Whenever you sit with a child who’s colouring in, you may notice how quickly they become chatter boxes!  They love to tell you all about what they’re doing, which is great for their language development and social skills.  Simple conversations can help improve their vocabulary and Little Change Creators’ colouring sets equip you with the perfect tools to practice object recognition, descriptive adjectives and colour names.  Learning these skills from a young age helps your child to feel more confident in social settings and when conversing with others.

Pride and Achievement

Kids need opportunities to gain self-confidence and a sense of self-worth.  When they create something that’s visually-pleasing, they are rewarded with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  This benefits their self-esteem and personality which has a positive impact on their overall mental health.

Colouring creates confidence

Colouring has an important place in child development and can easily be incorporated into family time.  Aside from the practical skills children gain through colouring activities, kids also acquire a sense of achievement and pride.  This is great for building their confidence and when Mum or Dad joins in or takes a photo, they have an avenue to share and express this pride too.   

Little Change Creators creates opportunities for children and parents to connect through colour.  Let your family enjoy the many life-long benefits from simple, mindful colouring in and reap the rewards today.

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