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Dining with kids? It's easy when you do it the smart way.

November 27, 2021 2 min read

Dining with kids? It's easy when you do it the smart way.

As most parents will know, managing family mealtimes can be enough to bring on a parental panic attack.  Between battles over food to tussles with table manners, dining with kids is rarely a relaxing or enjoyable experience.  But, there are some tried and trusted ways to curb the chaos and make meals with kids fun.

Managing mess

If you have a toddler you’ll understand what curious creatures they are.  At this age, everything is an experiment – this includes food – and with all this investigation comes mess!  Thankfully Little Change Creators is on your side!  Our captivating play sets are designed to minimise the mess and your stress, making family mealtimes a breeze.  Each colour-in placemat protects precious surfaces, easily wipes clean and can be thrown in the dishwasher for hygiene.  Also, for your peace of mind, all our table mats are made from premium silicone and materials that have exceeded stringent safety testing.  So, if your little one decides the colouring mat is more appetising than the meal, you don’t have to worry about harmful toxins.

Dealing with distraction

Kids don’t have a long attention span and this fact will often be the cause of so many dinner table dramas.  On average a young child is able to focus on a task for no more than 4-20 minutes at a time.  So, when they’re seated at a restaurant or waiting for their food, you can expect them to become fidgety and in search of a distraction.  This often leads to fights between siblings, exploding sugar and salt sachets or chasing games around the table.  Sound familiar?  Now, often at this point, frazzled mums and dads will look to curtail the chaos by handing over a device.  This may solve the issue at the time but it can lead to bigger problems once the food arrives and it’s time to switch off the screen.  A better option is to offer a calming activity such as books, board games, puzzles or Little Change Creators’ mindful colouring sets which are thoughtfully-designed to encourage quiet, creative play.

Cultivating connection

Many of us would like to see family mealtimes as opportunities to bond and have fun together.  But, unfortunately, these moments for connection are often derailed by phones, tablets and gaming devices.  We may all be physically present in the moment but when our eyes and minds are fixated on a screen, our attention and focus is not at the table.  This causes disconnection and frustration as those who want to interact as a family are met with silence, grunts or meltdowns.  Instead, why not try dining sans-screens?  You can always use tools such as Little Change Creators’ reusable activity kits to stimulate conversation, play games and re-discover family fun.  Involving your child in conversation helps them to feel valued and strengthens their social skills.

Hopefully these tips will help to alleviate some mealtime anxiety in your family.  So, whether you’re eating in or out, you can dine with greater confidence, better connection and lots more family fun. 

Make the most of every moment!

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