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5 creative ways to promote mindfulness in kids.

December 05, 2021 2 min read

5 creative ways to promote mindfulness in kids.

Mindfulness for kids can be life-changing.  While digital devices have opened up a whole new world for kids, all this time spent interacting with technology can lead to social disconnection and a lack of patience, appreciation, gratitude and overall contentment.

To combat this problem, it’s worth introducing kids to mindfulness.  Children’s mindfulness is all about calming active young minds.  Although usually linked to meditation, mindfulness can be practised in many ways.  Here are some examples that may benefit your child;

Interact without distraction

Mindful moments with your child are a must.  This means giving your full, face-to-face attention for at least a few minutes each day, away from phones and computer screens. Mindfulness starts with listening, so let your child talk about whatever is on their mind.  Follow that with a moment of gratitude.  Tell your child something you’re grateful for and encourage them to do the same (Hint: Little Change Creators makes it simple through a unique ‘pay if forward’ incentive that comes with every product!).

Savour every bite

Encouraging kids to be present at meal times sets the foundations for healthy eating habits.  By eating mindfully, kids learn to appreciate food through flavour, texture and presentation.

Take a stroll

When walking in peaceful environments (such as a beach, park or mountains) you’re actively engaging with nature and experiencing a mindful activity.  This is even more rewarding at sunrise or sunset when you have the opportunity to admire our sky’s beauty.

Colour and create

Colouring is a calming and therapeutic activity which research has proven to be beneficial to children and adults.  Colouring relaxes the mind while stimulating our imagination.  Little Change Creators makes colouring convenient and fun for all the family with its range of erasable colour-in mats, allowing families to use and re-use, for endless creative play.

Wash away the stress

Water has a way of relaxing the mind and an evening bath or shower gives kids a chance unwind on a daily basis.  There are ways you can make this routine an invitation to play – try bath salts, funky soaps or calming music.

Moments of mindfulness matter and there are many ways you can include mindfulness in your child’s life.  Some of them will work and some of them won't but, for the sake of their mental health and wellbeing, it’s important to try.  Smalllife experiences with your child can have a big impact so start simple, keep experimenting and have fun.

Make the most of every moment!

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