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Sustainable play for kids: Repeat-value that won’t cost the earth

October 02, 2022 2 min read

Two children holding Little Change Creators colouring sets

Reuse is at the heart of sustainability. For those of us who are eco-conscious, tossing away one-use toys is undesirable — though it’s often necessary as we deal with little attention spans that drift quickly from one toy to the next.

Imagine how much better you’d feel by investing in toys that are brought out to play, over and over again.

The key to capturing endless attention is to utilise toys that are crafted with replay value in mind. This is the type of entertainment that lasts beyond one use, neatly tucking away for more play another day.


What makes kids toys re-playable?

There are a few magic ingredients in a toy that kids play with for hours, days and years:

  • The opportunity to create. Rather than pressing the same button or solving the same puzzle, toys with the ability to create something from scratch offer endless replay value.
  • High quality construction. Investing in better quality toys keeps them out of the junk pile for much longer — and when your little one grows older, it can become a hand-me-down treasure for a sibling or friend.
  • Getting hands-on. It’s not as much fun when the toy does all the ‘stuff’ for you. When little minds work to figure it out and make the fun happen, they’ll stay much more engaged with their entertainment.
  • Portability and convenience. Large-scale toys can be great, but many families require fun on the go. When your toys are easy to pack and bring along with you, you will find that your family gets much more use out of them.
  • Crafted with repeat play in mind. You’re not alone in your search for toys that last! It helps to purchase kids’ entertainment from sustainably-minded businesses with a similar goal.
  • Fun! It seems obvious, but it’s the most essential factor — and it varies according to the kiddo in front of you. What are their interests? What do they want to learn more about? How can you meet this in a way that lights up their imagination and makes them want more? This answer will direct you to repeat play.


Our recommendation for repeat play entertainment

Re-FUN-ableColouring Sets are a versatile option for kids who love to create. Each set comes with a velvety-smooth silicone place mat that’s reusable and reversible for endless creative play.


How Re-FUN-able Colouring Sets offer endless play

  • They are thoughtfully designed with an emphasis on repeat-play value
  • They are made from premium, high quality materials, built to last for years to come
  • All materials are eco-friendly and child-safe, crafted with our sustainable ethos
  • They are a perfect match for kids who are highly artistic and creative
  • Choose from a range of topics and themes to suit your little one’s unique interests
  • Re-FUN-able Colouring Sets facilitate unplugged play and creativity

At Little Change Creators, we enable young minds to create outside the box through convenient, mindful toys that make a difference.



Image credit: @laurenbehindthecamera

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