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10 Fun Outdoor Games and Activities for Kids

January 29, 2024 5 min read

Kids participating in outdoor games and activities

Outdoor activities and games are essential for kids' growth and development. They help them develop mental and motor skills. They also disrupt their overreliance on screens and prevent addiction to the internet. 

So, when the weather is right, let your children have fun outdoors. This article will discuss 10 favourite games and activities for kids to keep them busy outdoors. Let us learn more.


1. Colour and Shape Game

This is both an educational and a fun game for kids. Colour and Shape Game helps children learn about colours and shapes and develop gross motor skills. Draw shapes of different types and colours on the walkway or the parking space. You can design it to resemble a river, with the shapes representing the stepping stones. 

The game is played by having the kids step only on a specific shape and colour. For example, they can hop and step on green squares or lose points. Let kids take turns playing and comparing scores.

2. Obstacle Is a Great Game for Kids

Obstacle Course is a fantastic game you can let your kids play. It is a fun game with lots of other benefits. Kids who play this game regularly can develop problem-solving skills and endurance. This can also make them stronger for other sports later in life. Creating an obstacle course at your home is easy.   

All you need is a small backyard space and some homemade materials. You can use old tyres, pieces of wood planks, pool noodles, cardboard boxes, hula hoops, and all these materials you can find around your home. You can use these to improvise tunnels, hoops, and more.

3. Bicycle Games

Kids love bike riding, right? Allow them a small opportunity, and they can cycle around the neighbourhood for hours. It is something they are already excited about. How about adding some games to it?  

One way is to draw lines on the ground using chalk and use them to make riding even more fun. You can be creative and make them straight, wavy, or zigzag. Next, let them ride along those lines slowly. The player that rides farthest without stopping wins. 

4. Birdwatching

If your kids are not in the mood for active games, you can try a less engaging one. How about trying bird watching? Birdwatching is fun for children and adults alike. Besides, it teaches your child to learn and appreciate nature.  

They can learn about different types of birds and their behaviour. It is also soothing to watch birds play around. Bird watching also allows you to participate with your kids, too. Just grab your binoculars and head over to a local park! 

Ask your local authorities for the best bird-watching sites. Get your child to watch and listen to their songs. Undoubtedly, your kids will look forward to the next birdwatching trip!

5. Dog and Bone

Dog and Bone is another fun game your kids would love. But you will need several players to participate. Twelve players are required, but the number can be more or less. What is important is to choose an equal number of players for both teams. 

Next, make both team members line up five metres apart. Each player on both sides of the team represents a number. A twelve-member team will be twelve numbers. 

Place a bean bag(bone) between the two teams. It's time to play the game. Shout out a number, and a player with that number from both teams will run forward to grab the bean bag. The team with the highest bean bag picks wins. It is an excellent game for kids to develop stamina, reaction times, and speed.

6. Mud Pies

When kids are left outdoors for a few minutes, they often start playing with mud. So why not encourage your child’s creativity and make it more fun for them? After all, the benefits of imaginative play are immeasurable. 

Provide them with a few items to help them make mud pies. Examples include spoons, pots, and more. Remember leaves, berries, and pebbles to decorate the cake! Then, let them mix, mash, squeeze, and prepare their pie. 

7. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek is one of the most popular children's games. It is a universal game played by children globally for generations. The game consists of a team of one “seeker” and several “hiders.”  

The child playing seeker closes their eyes and counts up to 100. Again, the number of counts can vary. In the meantime, the rest of the team goes to hide. After the last count, the seeker opens their eyes and seeks the hiders.  

The first one found joins the seekers' team. This goes on until the last hider is found. They are the winner. It is a fantastic game for kids, especially during Summer!

8. Sack Race

One of the most exciting games is having kids participate in races. Sack races are even more fun! Make all the participants line up inside sacks while holding them by the top edges. The rule is the sack shouldn't go lower than the waist, or they get disqualified. You can blow a whistle or shout “go” to start the race. The winner is the player that hits the finish line first.

9. Tug of War

Tug of War is a simple game to play. Organise the kids into two groups 3 metres apart. Next, each group will hold on to the opposite end of the rope. They can start pulling at the rope when you signal them to start.  

The game ends when the losing team is pulled across the centre line. The game teaches kids about teamwork early in life. So why not have them outdoors and tagging ropes? It is fun to watch them outdo each other in this tugging war!

10. Water-Can Bowling

Water-can bowling is also an exciting outdoor game for kids of different ages. You require ten soda or water bottles for this game. Next, add a few drops of water paint in each, fill with water, and close it.  

Use different colours for each bottle to mimic the appearance of bowling pins. Place them in a group and have the participants roll a ball at the bottles. The player that downs more bowling bottles wins.


Final Thoughts

Letting kids spend time outdoors is the best thing you can do for them. They get to grow healthier, have fun, and develop life skills. Luckily, you have ten fun games and activities to help them start. Use these activities to keep your children busy outdoors this or next Summer!


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