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Art Masterclass: 9 Amazing Techniques to try on your Silicone Colouring Mat

October 05, 2023 4 min read

A silicone colouring mat with the word IMAGINATION in rainbow colours.  Multi-coloured marker pens are also scattered on the right side of the image.

Whether you're a budding Picasso or just starting to explore your artistic side, let us guide you through some fantastic colouring techniques that’ll help you make the most of your reusable colouring mats and create colourful masterpieces.  Discover the magic of contrast, stippling, shading, stroking, gradation, cross-hatching, restricted palettes, texture, and highlighting!


Contrast: Adding drama to your artwork

A picture coloured using a contrast art technique.

is the secret sauce to make your artwork pop!  Use bold, contrasting colours to create eye-catching effects on your double-sided silicone colouring mat.  Try pairing dark and light colours, like light green and dark green.  Or, using colour theory, pair colours that are opposite on the colour wheel, such as yellow and purple or orange and blue.  This makes your colouring pictures stand out.

Stippling: Dots of delight

An animal colouring picture demonstrating a stippling art technique used on a silicone colouring mat.

Stippling is a technique where you use tiny dots to create shading and texture.  With your Little Change Creators' markers, experiment with stippling by lightly placing dots close together for dark areas and spreading them out for lighter ones.  You'll be amazed at the textured look you can achieve!

Shading: Adding depth and dimension

A silicone colouring mat featuring underwater creatures that demonstrates a colour shading technique.

Shading is all about making your artwork look three-dimensional.  Start with a base colour and gradually add darker shades to create shadows.  You can blend colours together or use the markers lightly for a subtle effect.  The result?  A drawing that looks like it's ready to jump off the page!

Stroking: Smooth and straight lines

An animal colouring picture that demonstrates a colour stroking technique.

Stroking is all about controlling your pen strokes.  Our Fine Tip Magic Markers are ideal for this technique.  Practice making smooth, even lines to create clean and precise outlines.  You can also vary the pressure you apply to the marker to create different line thicknesses.  Perfect for adding detail to your drawings!

Gradation: A seamless blend of colours

A reusable colouring mat demonstrating the gradate technique using marker pens.

Gradation is like creating a beautiful rainbow on your colouring mat!  Start with one colour and gradually transition to another.  With 12 colours in your Re-FUN-able™ Colouring Set, you can achieve stunning gradation effects by layering colours and blending them seamlessly.  You could also use a chisel-tip blender pen to create a striking rainbow colouring effect.

Cross-Hatching: A maze of lines

A washable colouring mat featuring camping elements.  It's coloured using a cross-hatching art technique.

Cross-hatching is a technique where you draw intersecting lines to create shadows and depth.  You can experiment with our Ultra Fine Magic Markers to vary the angle and spacing of your lines and achieve different effects.  Try it out on your silicone colouring mat to add texture and dimension to your artwork!

Restricted Palette: Less is more

A Little Change Creators Colouring Mat featuring a restricted colour palette art technique.

Sometimes, using a limited number of colours can spark your creativity.  Challenge yourself by picking just a few markers from your 12-piece set and create an artwork using only those colours.  This technique encourages you to think outside the box and make the most of what you have.

Texture: Adding realism to your art

An Australia-themed colouring page featuring a koala.  The picture has been coloured with markers and demonstrates the art element of Texture.

Texture is all about making your artwork look and feel real.  Experiment with different stroke patterns, such as zigzags, circles, or squiggles, to create various textures like fur, wood grain, or water ripples.  You can even lay your silicone mat on a coarse or bumpy surface before colouring it.  Let your imagination run wild!

Highlighting: Bringing your artwork to life

A wipeable colouring mat showing how to create highlights in pictures by erasing the ink.

Highlighting is like adding the finishing touch to your masterpiece.  Use a dried marker tip, cotton bud or the sustainable cloth eraser from your Little Change Creators' set to create highlights and reflections.  This simple step can make your artwork shine with life!


Colouring pictures to perfection

Using these nine colouring techniques, you can unlock a world of creativity with your Little Change Creators' colouring sets.  From contrast to highlighting, these techniques will help you and your child create beautiful and unique artworks that you can both be proud of.  Remember, your colouring mats are reversible and erasable so let your imagination flow and have fun on your colouring adventure.  Happy creating!



How can I encourage my child to use these techniques?

Make colouring sessions fun and explorative. Show them examples and encourage experimentation.

Are the markers safe for children?

Absolutely! Our markers use non-toxic, low-odour ink and are designed with child-safety in mind.  We offer ventilated lids and pen caps without clips for your peace of mind.

Can I wash the silicone colouring mat?

Yes, you can!  Simply wipe it clean with a damp Magic Cloth.  You can also toss it in your washing machine or dishwasher but we recommend you remove ink stains first.

What if my child doesn't like colouring?

Don't worry; creativity comes in many forms. Encourage other creative activities until they find their passion.  Our non-stick silicone mats are ideal for play dough, slime and potion play.  You can also use them for 'find and seek' games, crafts and baking.

Are these sets eco-friendly?

Yes, we take pride in our sustainability efforts. Customers love our plastic-free packaging and our fabric storage bags.  Our outer sleeves are made from FSC-certified cardstock and printed with vegetable inks using a carbon-neutral process. They’re also designed for repurposing with bonus craft activities printed on the underside.  We strive to minimise waste and maximise value!


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