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How to make kindness part of every kid's day.

December 09, 2021 3 min read

How to make kindness part of every kid's day.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could make kindness part of every kid’s day?  Unfortunately, as technology engulfs modern society, kids are becoming immersed in a world of instant gratification and rampant narcissism.  We, as parents, often feel powerless and are left wondering what we can do to raise good humans who’ll be thoughtful, kind, compassionate and patient. 

The business of being kind

Let me introduce Little Change Creators – a business born off the back of trying to instil kindness and gratitude in my own kids.  If your children are like mine, they’ll beg for frequent treats and create wish lists of goods they expect for their birthday and Christmas.  But what happens once you’ve delivered all those things theyneed?  I’m guessing you know.  That initial excitement usually dissipates rather quickly, leading us to believe that receiving doesn’t lead to kid’s happiness.  However, giving does.

Researchers believe that altruistic behaviour releases endorphins in the brain which deliver a positive feeling known as ‘helper’s high’. Studiesprove that the act of giving is linked to sustained joy and improving social connections around us.  So, through small and simple actions, children can create a ripple effect across neighbourhoods, communities and humanity. But how? I believe playtime is instrumental in fostering empathy in children and it’s the vehicle I chose for creating positive change. 


Creating positive change

Little Change Creators make kids toys and gifts to make a difference. We champion the benefits of open-ended play and family connection through thoughtfully-designed colour-in activities and eco-friendly toys. However, we take this a step further by empowering kids to create a positive impact. We do this through a unique pay-it-forward incentive included with each playset.

As a parent myself, I understand there are many ways we can introduce kids to the joy of giving back.  Donating to charities or volunteering our time are obvious choices but these are not always practical for busy families with limited budgets.  Little Change Creators provides a convenient and guilt-free alternative. Each time a child receives a Little Change Creators playset, they have the opportunity to be directly involved in a giving-back initiative. A ‘make change’ token allows the child to see how their new toy or gift has helped brighten the life of another child.

Caring for all kids

Little Change Creators started with a focus on helping kids who are vulnerable or often forgotten by society. These are the unsung little heroes with seriously ill or disabled siblings, kids who act as carers for parents, kids who live in crisis centres and orphans. Did you know that 1 in 10 young Australians under 25 provide unpaid care for a family member with a disability, illness or addiction? That’s 2 to 3 young carers in every single Australian classroom. So, chances are, you or your child know someone who has grown up as a young carer.

While young carers often learn compassion, kindness and empathy from having a caring role, being a young carer can significantly impact one’s education, social life, employment and mental and physical health. Little Change Creators’ founder, Paige, knows this first-hand. She was a young carer for her quadriplegic brother and terminally-ill mum.

Paige’s personal experience has been the driving force behind Little Change Creators. It’s her way of helping young carers have some semblance of normality in their lives. So, every time you buy from Little Change Creators, you shine a light on kids who often go unnoticed.

Making a difference

As parents, we strive to raise children who are self-aware yet mindful of adversity. By being empathetic and conscious of the world around them, our kids can become the problem-solvers and leaders of tomorrow. I’m hoping Little Change Creators makes it a tad easier through simple, purpose-driven playthings.

Make the most of every moment!

To learn more about young carers, check out this helpful resource:


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