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The Hidden Benefits Of Doodling And Why It's Good For You

December 13, 2021 3 min read

The hidden benefits of doodling and why it's good for you.

Doodling is often seen as a distraction.  It’s something schoolkids do when they’re bored but, surprisingly, it’s actually good for their brains.  Drawing - whether it be sketching or doodling - facilitates thinking and in a world that’s become so reliant on tech, this may just be the key to unlocking imagination and innovation.

Creative thinking

Most of us grew up doodling at some point in our lives.  It was a way to inject fun into our learning.  But, as we age, we forget to have that fun.  Instead, we worry about what others may think of our artistic abilities, or lack thereof.  However, doodling is about more than artistic talent.  It’s about the art of creative thinking.  Just imagine all those ingenious ideas that started off as sketches on napkins or Post-It notes!

Doodling is commonly practised by many of our world’s most influential leaders and business folk.  People like Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein and Bill Clinton are some of the most prolific doodlers.  This is because research shows that doodling enhances one’s ability to learn. 

Why doodling is good for kids

Doodling offers some obvious and not-so-obvious benefits.  Here are just a few ways that doodling can help your child;

It reduces stress

Doodling is a calming activity that releases tension.  Relaxation helps to clear the mind, making way for creative thoughts and ideas. 

It offers a creative outlet

You don’t have to be a master artist to benefit from doodling.  Doodle art is something that can be done anywhere, anytime, so let kids embrace their stick figures and playful patterns to tap into their creative side.

It heightens the senses

Doodle art uses the mind, hands and vision, keeping kids present and involved in what they’re doing.

It enhances concentration

As stated above, when kids doodle they use their hearing, hand movement and eyesight to create simple sketches.  This helps to maintain their attention so they remain engaged instead of zoning out.

It simplifies content

Transforming verbal information into images is a powerful tool for teaching and learning because not all kids can grasp concepts without some form of visual explanation.  Doodling is thinking in pictures.  So, the next time your child is stuck on a problem, try helping them understand through doodles. 

Learning through doodling

An interesting fact: doodling is now used in some learning environments after research showed students who take notes by hand retain detail far better than those who use a keyboard.  Mineola Middle School in New York has replaced its traditional desks with writable furniture, allowing students to use coloured markers on their desks.  This is part of an initiative to promote collaboration, creativity, communication and confidence in classrooms.

Don’t stop doodling!


So, with all these hidden benefits, why should kids stop doodling?  Doodling is an underrated learning tool that’s fun and satisfying for imaginative, young minds.

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